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Redwood Garden Furniture

Rocking Garden bench

Rocking Garden bench

A unique Rocking Garden Bench from Heritage Craft, true craftsmen in wood.
Redwood Cedar is the perfect timber for Garden Furniture, its a close as you can get to a water resistant wood, strong, stylish, with a contrasting grain.
Its Lightweight very important if your the person who has to move it to cut the grass

This stylish and unique two person bench with a shaped seat and rockers. They are all handmade and whilst we offer a standard size, because they are made to order if you need to change a dimension its not a problem. So if you have short legs, or a long body and have problems finding a chair to suit. Tell us we can cope.

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Price: 495.00

Redwood Garden Chairs

Redwood Garden Chairs

A request from a customer who loved the Rocking Garden Bench, wanted the same style in a chair.

The same Top Quality Redwood Cedar, and the same offer to customise the dimensions to suit your body shape.
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Price: 245.00