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Redwood Cedar Hot Tubs

Redwood Cedar Hot Tubs

Redwood Cedar Hot Tubs

Hot tubs from Heritage Craft. For once you can really say they "wrote the Book" on Building Redwood Cedar Hot Tubs.
A Redwood Cedar Tub is a completey different beast to the mass produced Hot Tubs. These are handmade for you. Redwood Cedar is the traditional wood for Hot Tubs, and there is a reason why these traditions exist. In this case its the perfect wood for the job. Its a waterproof wood - very useful for a tub. It lasts a long time unlike the cheap Larch and Pine ones which have a very limited life, it requires very little maintainence, and best of all it look good.

The added benefit for us because we have one at home is the oils from the wood _ Cedarwood Oil infuse the water in the tub, moisturising your skin, and leaving you feeling fresh. You dont get that in one of those Bubbling Plastic cauldrons.

Each tub is handmade to your requirements. We will work with you to interprept your wishes, work out the most cost effective way of heating the tub, and can arrange installation if you want.

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