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All the fun of the fair

Coconut Shy

Coconut Shy

All you need to operate a coconut Shy. 5 x Blacksmithed posts and 15 x 50mm solid wood balls. Coconuts not supplied but these are easily available locally. Our posts which stand over 1mt tall are handmade by our blacksmith and crafted from 12mm solid steel and finished in a layer of zinc galvanising paint are designed to last, and be used time and time again..

Extra balls and posts are available

Price: 70.00

Fairground Mirrors

Fairground Mirrors

We manufacture to order Fairground or carnival mirrors. A perenial favourite with young old these distort an image creating gales of laughter, yet need no maintainence apart from the occasional wipe with a damp cloth. The picture shows a wall mounted mirror on an optional wooden easel

We can build them to be freestanding, to hang on a wall, or on wheels, their built to your sopacification so you choose.

To discuss your requirements get in touch
E-Mail us

Price: 125.00

Medieval Stocks

Medieval Stocks

A full size set of Medieval stocks, sometimes called punishement stocks and were used in the old days to punish thieves, witches, or it seems anyone else who came along.

In our more enlightened times they are ideal for putting the headmaster into at a school fete or the MD at a corporate day and pelt them with wet sponges. Who could resist it, Just thing of the money you can raise.

The stocks will disassemble for storage. No special tools required.

These are supplied in natural wood finish, however we are able to customise these, different finishes, install padding or change the dimensions to suit, just get in touch

Price: 300.00